The gift of making a film over a long period of time is a deepening of perspective– you come to understand people and events in a far more profound way. Blind Faith started as an observation of my daughter, Anna, and her father, David, and then unfolded, over a decade of production, into a complex examination of disability, marriage, and child rearing. Making this film has given me a keener awareness of the world of the blind, a greater appreciation for the nuanced and conditioned way children adapt to people and circumstances, and a richer look at marriage as a construct and communion.

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Life has been filled with unsuspected twists and turns for David, Anna, and me, and I am amazed at what a helpful, healing process making this personal film has been. Deciding whether to stay strictly as observer or being observer and participant was a hard choice and striking that intimate balance of voice was perhaps the most difficult challenge for me as filmmaker, wife, and mother. Although our journey is particular, it is in many ways resonant and universal.

It is my intention and hope that Blind Faith will offer insight to those with disabilities and their families, as well as those unfamiliar with this terrain. I am grateful for the honesty, openness, and courage of Anna and David, and it is with the greatest respect, admiration, and love that I share our story.

Blind Faith can be found on Kanopy Streaming and New Day Films