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“I absolutely loved this remarkable film–I was moved both emotionally and intellectually. Blind Faith addressed significant issues, particularly, the need to be independent and the need for interdependence. This film deserves to be seen, and enjoyed by the general public as well as individuals and families who are dealing with disabling conditions.”

— Jerry Miller, Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist / Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist

"Our audience was captivated by Blind Faith. In the sighted world, misconceptions about blindness are vast and deeply embedded. Blind Faith makes both the challenges of blindness and its possibilities palpable to all."

— Katie Carpenter, Museum Educator, American Printing House for the Blind


"Offering insight on the social and psychological aspects of blindness, this is recommended for collections focusing on family issues and disabilities."

— James Scholtz, Booklist

“I was especially moved by all the emotional themes intertwined in Blind Faith: confidence vs. lack of confidence . . . independence vs. dependence vs. interdependence . . . bravery vs. bravado vs. fear. The film is honest, sweet, sad and hopeful—all at the same time.”

— Nancy D. Miller, Executive Director, VISIONS / Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired in New York City

Blind Faith can be found on Kanopy Streaming and New Day Films

Audio Description and Closed Captioning Available